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Vladimir Komlev Photography

Photographer | Moscow | London. All photos shot by me. Contact: shotbyvladimir@gmail.com

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model: anastasia salenko | makeup: tina antonenko | style: kate nikitina




yo i like to do collage art when i'm not working, haven't been able to do much recently but seen your photos on my dash - you wouldn't mind if i used some for collages would you - it'll be non-profit and just for fun, i'll give you credit and all that for your photos?

sure. let me take a look when you finish


how are you vladimir?

cool, u?

Do you have girl friend


i’m a fwb fan

you're sooooo beautiful ♥_♥

i’m straight

are you really a photographer? it's just that i think your photographs are really amazing.


i guess i’ll answer with a smile - :)

You are very good looking...


i’m fine with looking a little bit better than an ape ;)

I would love to shoot with you

it is possible, send me your pics —> shotbyvladimir@gmail.com 

How old are you?


i’m 24

Это все ваши фотографии? я имею ввиду вы сами фотографировали?


здравствуйте.могу я спросить, вы снимаете только для портфолио?

я снимаю все и всех. основной критерий - чтобы мне это было в кайф